Photos posted.

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Bruce Beford
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Photos posted.

Post by Bruce Beford » Sat May 16, 2009 5:17 pm

Hello all,

I have had some time to complete more of my SLIM boards. At this point, I have finished all of the MSA boards except for the PLOs. I have posted pics of all the boards completed thus far to my photo folder (N1RX).

I am waiting on the receipt of a pin chuck that will allow my dremel tool to hold the small drill bit needed to performed the ECOs on the PLO boards. (I have boards from Cash's first run, and there are some vias that need to be added).

Included in the pics are a couple of a final filter I made up using an 8 pole filter from an old Uniden SSB CB radio (Uniden 10M04DS). This filter has a 1.0K ohm//8pf terminating impedance. The matching value worked out to 3.2uH series and 56 pF parallel capacitance. I wound the inductiors on T37-2 cores. Note that I "added" a tinned trace across the bottom of the filter board, to attach a shield fence between the input and output sides.

While I'm waiting to begin the PLO modules, I'll probably start on the shield cans for the ones that are done. I have a supply of .008" thick brass shim stock that I will be using for these. I thought that I would solder a small 4/40 brass nut in two opposite corners of each module, to facilitate mounting.

Regards to all,

Bruce N1RX

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