Shipments of Discrete and IC Group Buy

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Shipments of Discrete and IC Group Buy

Post by » Tue Jun 30, 2009 4:40 am

Today I finally got everything ready to begin shipments. The first nine will be in the mail tomorrow morning. The remaining should be in the mail tomorrow afternoon. The delays are for a variety of reasons but it just takes a lot of time and in order to minimize errors it's a little extra tedious.

The orders that are going out tomorrow morning are:
Hurt, Fipps, Chism, Foltyn, Currie, Witten, Lieby, Clark, these will be send by Priority Mail and Heinenborg by First Class International Mail.

What you should expect of find, one package with two separate containers. I will provide a spread sheet with all of the details (not included in the shipped kit), one bag contains the loose pins (in 25 piece strips and a small zipper bag), the connectors shells, led, all of the voltage regulators, switches, crystal filters (not video filter) and in anti-static heat sealed bag the Analog Devices, Linear Technology and National Semicondutors. The octal latches are also in a static bag. The second package is a 4 X 7 pill container. All of the discrete passives are in these little boxes with snap lids. Many of the capacitors with large numbers are loose in their own box. Five of the capacitor types are in a single box and color coded on the back of their tape. The resistors are generally two values per box, using color code on the back of the tape to indicate part value. And the inductors are in individual boxes. Several semiconductor part types that were in cut tape are also in the boxes with the resistor part types.

The pill container lids are taped shut and must be opened with care, lift the tape from the left hand side of the  box and pull off to the right hand. Do this very carefully.

I'm hoping that the pill box will make it a lot more convienent to pick the parts up with tweezers and keep things organized while you build the kits.

I will immeditely work on finishing the PCB and have those available, as soon as I can.

Cash Olsen KD5SSJ

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