Len's Coaxes: 20 units mile stone reached.

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Len's Coaxes: 20 units mile stone reached.

Post by spyker49 » Wed Jul 29, 2009 1:34 pm

Hi Guys.

Today I finished the 20th Coax filter, 16 fully tested + 4 kits!

The last 10 units will be shipped out this week.

I already have received an extra 3 coax filter orders but that will have to wait till September-October.

So glad that this is finally over! A big thanks to RF superman Scotty for his teachings, patience and inspiration. Please post your results, good or bad.

From now and for quite a a while I will be super busy getting some new Australian offshore gas fields operational.

Designing underwater controls and communications for 1800 ft down is a lot of fun, but not when the electronics gets wet and tastes salty, or the underwater robot snaps its tooling arm right off

So long (for a while) and many thanks.

Len Spyker

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