Population (no, not humans)

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Population (no, not humans)

Post by wsprowls » Wed Nov 25, 2009 5:13 pm

Hi All,

I believe that most builders are configuring their respective MSA's for full capability, that is MSA/TG/VNA. I had stated on the Web pages that some modules do not need to be fully populated for the Basic MSA as a Spectrum Analyzer. "This lowers the cost of your MSA". Well, it is worth the few extra bucks to fully populate the modules to get extra Functions out of the Basic MSA.

For example, for the Basic MSA, the second section of the AtoD Converter is not normally used, so it can be deleted. However, if populated, it can be used as a 0v to +5v voltmeter. I (we, as in Sam) will be writing software for this funtion.

The same goes for the PLO1, PLO2, and Log Detector modules. More MSA Functions will be available if these modules are fully populated.

Another example for the Basic MSA. If PLO 1 is fully populated, the second section output can be used as either a Signal Source or as a Sweep Generator for many other experiments. Used in conjunction with an external mixer, the MSA will perform the Function of a high frequency down (or up) converter.

My new web page will show a matrix table of all the different Functions that the MSA can perform. (It ain't quite finished yet).

This post is just a "heads up" for those who are ordering parts.


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