Updated software

This contains the scottyspectrumanalyzer yahoo group backup
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Updated software

Post by swetterlin » Wed Dec 30, 2009 2:56 pm

I have posted an updated version of the software which I labeled MSA115Rev02. It is at


The zip file contains 3 files with the same names but different extensions. The MSA115Rev02.bas file is for running directly under Liberty Basic. The MSA115Rev02.exe file is a freestanding executable (doesn't need LB) which is actually the LB runtime, and which will automatically run the MSA115Rev02.tkn file. To use these, replace the spectrumanalyzer.bas, spectrumanalyzer.exe and spectrumanalyzer.tkn files with these new ones. I changed the names to make it easier to keep straight what you have.

This version fixes a couple of bugs, enables the use of Component Meter in Reflection mode (previously only allowed in Transmission mode), and adds a Zoom capability to Crystal Analysis. The Zoom feature lets you enter Crystal Analysis with a fairly coarse scan showing the series peak and parallel dip, and then zoom in on Fs to determine it more accurately. When you quit Crystal Analysis to scan another crystal, the scan automatically returns to the broader range.

You must first install the older software from Scotty's site, in order to get the necessary DLLs. When Scotty returns, we will update his site.

Sam W.

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