MSA SLIM Panels and PCB's

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Robert Fish
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MSA SLIM Panels and PCB's

Post by Robert Fish » Mon May 24, 2010 6:16 pm

Hi Guys,

There seems to be a decent amount of interest in both a full panel of

boards and individual boards. So here is what I am going to do,

I am going to place an order today for a run of boards. I will keep

these boards in stock and available for sale as long as it isn't costing

me a ton of dough to do so. So, here is my plan. I will offer a full

panel of boards that will include all the boards needed to construct

Scotty's MSA, Tracking Generator and VNA. This includes the boards for:

PLO 1 Mixer 1 Master Oscillator

Control Board

PLO 2 Mixer 2 Log Detector

PLO 3 Mixer 3 A to D converter

DDS 1 Mixer 4 Phase Detector Module

DDS 3 I. F. Amp Monolithic Crystal filter

Also, I will include in a full panel order, boards for the following

devices that Sam Wetterlin designed for MSA calibration:

1 MHZ Calibration Source

Switchable Attenuator


6ea. fixed attenuators

These devices are described here: ... sories.htm

and here:

By the way, Tons of good info at Sam's site.


I will offer the full panel of boards described above for $50.00 (U.S.)

plus actual shipping*


I will offer any and all of the above mentioned boards individually for

$5.00 each plus shipping

*(I would include the shipping in a higher price but it varies pretty

widely due to number of boards and where they are going.)

Making individual boards available should encourage experimentation with

different mixers, DDS chips etc.

It is hard to experiment if you only have one board and it's all surface

mount components.

Please, lets conduct this business offline by private e-mail so as not

to clutter up uninterested parties inbox with unwanted posts.

Let me know if you are interested, I will be contacting those of you

that expressed interest previously by private e-mail in the next day or so.



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