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This contains the scottyspectrumanalyzer yahoo group backup
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Robert Fish
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Better List

Post by Robert Fish » Mon May 24, 2010 7:12 pm

Hi Guys,

I should have sent that out via HTML. Here is a more readable list of

what you get in the full panel.

PLO 1 Mixer 1 Master Oscillator

Control Board

PLO 2 Mixer 2 Log Detector

PLO 3 Mixer 3 A to D converter

DDS 1 Mixer 4 Phase Detector Module

DDS 3 I. F. Amp Monolithic Crystal filter

Plus Sam's stuff also included in a full panel

1 MHZ Calibration Source

Switchable Attenuator


6ea. fixed attenuators.

By the way, these boards have no mask and no silk screen. You will need

to use the PCB layouts on Scotty and Sam's websites for parts location

and placement.



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