Test Modules Independently

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Test Modules Independently

Post by wsprowls » Tue Aug 31, 2010 3:12 pm

Hi All,

I have started the new web page for SLIM MSA module testing. It is at:


In many cases, a SLIM module cannot be easily tested unless a supporting module has been completed and tested. Therefore I have included a chronology of SLIM module construction.

I have completed two sections: Control Board, and AtoD module.

I expect to add more to these paragraphs (and the future ones) as time permits. I'd like to get all the modules in place before "refining" the paragraphs. Hopefully, I can do about one SLIM module per day (as an average). So, it should take about two weeks for completion.

If you have comments and suggestions, as to the procedures, feel free to e-mail me with them. I will include them in my updates to the page.

Cheers, Scotty

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