MSA Troubleshooting

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MSA Troubleshooting

Post by wsprowls » Sun Sep 19, 2010 1:32 pm

Hi All,

In light of Len's suggestion I have tried something that worked quite well. Using the internet to control an MSA from anywhere. There are different names for this but Remote Assistance seems to be the common term. There are two nodes for this process, the Host (builder with MSA)and the Helper (he needs no MSA).

Both must have high speed internet. Concurrent telephone service is extremely helpful but not absolutely necessary. The Host will allow control of his computer to the Helper. Both have the same Access Software.

I tried two (free), AMMYY Admin, and TeamViewer. Both work but TeamViewer gets my vote. Go read how it works,

The Helper can see whatever is on the Monitor of the Host. He can then manipulate all aspects of the MSA Software. Moving the Helper mouse causes the curser on the Host's screen to move. All clicking works.

For no telephone, there is a message box, but I didn't try it. For typing, I just double clicked the header in the MSA's Main Graph Window, and typed into the box. Both see the typing.


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