Weird Crash--Don't use Desktop for Files

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Weird Crash--Don't use Desktop for Files

Post by Sam » Sun Jan 02, 2011 5:51 pm

I have narrowed down the cause of an occasional weird crash that I previously reported could occur when saving graph images. The crash occurs while the file dialog is open, if you hover over a file icon so as to open its tool tip. The first time through the dialog, there is no problem. The second time, you may crash (protection violation).

It took me a while to make the connection with tool tips. I was never intentionally trying to open tool tips; I would usually be thinking about what I wanted to do and would just happen to move the mouse over a file while thinking.

After considerable experimentation, and a lot of crashes, it appears to me that this crash only occurs when the target files (the ones you hover over) are on the desktop. That's where I would usually save image files and certain other files. It turns out that if you create a folder on the desktop and store the files in there, the crash does not occur. So I recommend not saving files directly on the desktop.

This crash occurs in both Win2000 and XP, and it turns out that it has been reported on the internet in other contexts, so it apparently is not a Liberty Basic issue. If all else fails, the ultimate solution would be to turn off tool tips.

Sam W.

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