New beta software

This contains the scottyspectrumanalyzer yahoo group backup
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New beta software

Post by Sam » Sun Apr 03, 2011 7:13 pm

I have uploaded the file to the Files section. It contains the latest beta software. There are various new features since the last version. Most notably, it now supports the various automated switches with USB as well as the parallel interface. I need to get feedback from anyone who has the hardware set up with USB interface and automated switches (video filter, transmit/receive, forward/reverse or 1G/2G)

Some refinements have been made to RLC Analysis and to the method for describing OSL standards. You should delete your old MSA_Info/OperatingCal/CalSets folder before using this version.

I have also totally rewritten the RLC Analysis documentation on my web site.

A nifty new feature is "MouseOver". If you click on the graph area and hold the button (left) down, info is displayed about the graphs at the frequency where you click, and the info changes as you slide the mouse around, as long as you hold down the left button. You can place a marker while using MouseOver by pressing a key on the keyboard--the numbers 1-6 or the L or R keys (without the shift key). If the Smith chart is open, it will also display info about the graph at that frequency. Among other things, this is a handy way to check things like impedance or equivalent RC or RL circuits without having to actually change the data being graphed, because the Smith chart displays a whole list of data for the selected frequency.

You can also do MouseOver directly on the Smith chart, but the results may not be quite what you expect. Info will be displayed about the point on the chart where the mouse is located, without any regard to the actual graph data. This is more for exploring the Smith chart than it is for analyzing a specific graph.

Scotty recently mentioned the cavity filter test in the Special Tests window, which has been in the last few beta versions. This lets see the cavity filer response profile so you can tune the cavity filter without having to do any rearrangement of cables.

I am still working on a glitch in Auto Wait. With my setup, it works well with the Narrow and XNarrow filters, but goes too fast with the Mid filter.

My plan is to wait for feedback on this beta and then to finalize this version, without adding any more significant features.

Sam W.

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