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Initial Cal

Post by Sam » Sat Apr 16, 2011 5:04 pm

Having just re-calibrated, I went through my document describing the process and made changes/corrections. I updated the document InitialCal.pdf in the Files section.

For one thing, I previously described frequency calibration before path calibration, but you need to have at least a partial path calibration before the frequency calibration will be valid.

I previously described complications involving the zero-hump or zero-response, which can require doing low level phase calibrations at a higher frequency. Now I note that this is not an issue if you install the optional LO2 Isolation Amp.

It is handy to do magnitude calibration and phase calibration separately. During magnitude calibration, it is nice to be able to force the phase correction to zero, or in the case of very low signal levels, to 180. A phase correction of 180 signals the MSA that phase measurement at that level is not meaningful, so it will be graphed as zero. The new software will have a mechanism to force the phase correction to a desired value, so you don't have to manually change all the entries.

Speaking of the new software, as far as I'm concerned it is ready for release. But if anyone knows of any bugs in the beta software, please let me know. Particularly with regard to USB, which I am currently not able to test.

Sam W.

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