SAW filters

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SAW filters

Post by ed_k7ock » Thu Dec 15, 2011 4:08 pm

Hello Neal,

I am not sure that my previous email with this information was sent, so I am sending again. Please excuse if you have already gotten the information

2.Please send me a direct email (nealmartini@...) with the following


*Your DIRECT email address.

[url=mailto:ed_gunderson@... t=_blank]ed_gunderson@...[/url]

*The number of sets of parts you want (1 set = 3 SAWs + PCB). No separate quantities of SAWs and PCBs please.

2 sets

*Your group ID (name you use for posting in this group).


*Your mailing address exactly as it should appear on a mailing package (i.e. multiple lines) so I can cut and paste it without having to split up lines.

Ed Gunderson

19440 E Ithaca Pl

Aurora, CO 80013

Thanks again for the design and group buy.

Ed Gunderson K7OCK

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