SAW 1013 MHz Filter Group Buy Notification

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SAW 1013 MHz Filter Group Buy Notification

Post by nealmartini » Fri Dec 23, 2011 5:51 pm

SAW Filter Orderers,

If you ordered set(s) of SAW filter components through the group buy process we are doing, you should have received a direct email from me notifying you about how to complete the order process and make payment through PayPal.

If you did not receive that email do one of the following:

1. Check the files in your SPAM blocker to make sure the email didn't get Spam filtered out.

2. If the SPAM check doesn't show anything, send me a direct email ([url=mailto:nealmartini@... t=_blank]nealmartini@...[/url]) and I will resend you the instructions.


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