Amp/filter group buy update. ExpressPCB REV E Full Set

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Amp/filter group buy update. ExpressPCB REV E Full Set

Post by » Sun Jan 08, 2012 9:28 am

Just to say the group buy components are not with me yet. I guess it will be sometime next week, I will keep you posted.

Sam the REV E Full Set you are sorting out sounds good to me. Regarding the group buy of PCB's, I've not had dealing with ExpressPCB so it would be a first for me, it might help if we had a show of hands to get a feel for the numbers of PCB sets and location of buyers. I am not necessarily saying I want to organise the buy as I am not sure if buying from the UK is the best option, regarding distribution and cost I don't know enough.

Those wanting an ExpressPCB REV E Full Set, via a group buy, could if they wish send details to the email I set up for the Amp/Filter buy

[url=mailto:g7wasgroupbuy@... t=_blank]g7wasgroupbuy@...[/url] state number of PCB sets and location. I will post result in about a week or so. Then it might all fall in place, and become obvious where the buy should be organised from, or somebody might take it on.


Steve g7was.

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