Auto Calibration

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Auto Calibration

Post by Sam » Sat Jan 28, 2012 10:34 pm

Hi All,

I have posted a file with the schematic and PCB layout for the Auto-Cal Attenuator:

The zip file includes documentation describing the calibration procedure, which is not yet implemented in the software. (Nor have I yet built the attenuator.)

The attenuator can cycle through the attenuations necessary for full Path Calibration up to approximately -3 dBm. Calibration above -3 dBm can also be done with the Auto-Cal Attenuator in a second run, or with any modestly accurate signal generator with adjustable output. (We don't expect extreme MSA precision at those high levels anyway.)

Due to the averaging of many readings, each cal point would require 4-10 seconds (the longer time is for low level signals), for a total of about 5 minutes for basic calibration of one path, including both magnitude and phase calibration.

Sam W.

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