Re: Amp/Filter and SAW filter group buys are two different things

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Re: Amp/Filter and SAW filter group buys are two different things

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Hello Dan, Ennio Sorry, I'm confused,ok I have see the mail from Neal about SAW filters , after i send my first post :-(.  73's,Jacques - F1APY  Dan N8FGV

de Jacques - F1APY

Ennio F4CNY


I think you are confusing the two group buys.

The group buy I organised was for the Mini-Circuits LEE
and ERA amplifiers and a small number of ADTT1-1 transformers.

These were mailed out some time ago and most will have
received there order, depending on the efficiency of your postal services.

Neal has just explained the SAW filter situation in
message #9290.


Steve g7was.




Me too ! :(


Ennio F4CNY

Hi ,


At this time i have received nothing ......i
hope....  :-)


73's de Jacques - F1APY


Did the rest of you guys receive your parts for the SAW
Filter/Amplifier group buy yet? I'm still waiting for mine 20 days after they
were mailed, should I be worried?



> I am 100% happy, addresses and order requests are
correct, checked and double checked.

> We just have to hope the various postal services do
their bit now.

> The parts are taped down inside the jiffy bag, so
don't think it's empty when you open and nothing falls out, you will need to
pull them out.

> Regards

> Steve g7was.




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