SLIMS PCBs for sale

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SLIMS PCBs for sale

Post by jghbeta » Sat Mar 17, 2012 3:10 pm

I have the following SLIM PBCs (current version):



Two mixers

The following are dimensioned as SLIMS but are variations and/or options

Two uncut boards each containing:

One Combo board ADC + video filter multiplexer

One OPA847 IF2amplifier (maybe be used in conjunction with the VGA amplifier below)

One Power supply boards 10V and 23volt

One TCI bridge (SW design 10/2008)

One partial boad from the Jan 2011 group buy (the amplifilter, power meter borad and Hi-Z bridge (SW design 1/11/11) are missing.) Among many other things the VGA, and individual viedo multiplexer are included here.

One loose board for the Hi-Z bridge.

All the boards were part of group buys. They don't have solder mask or silkscreen.

Any one interested may contact me OFFLINE at: jghalphaATgmailDOTcom.

Don't crowd the spectrumanalyzer yahoo site with correspondence of this type. I would like to sell these in a maximum of three lots.

Jim, W1JGH

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