Silver expoxy 4 x coax filter test results

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Silver expoxy 4 x coax filter test results

Post by spyker49 » Mon Apr 09, 2012 1:34 pm

Hello Group

The first ever silver expoxied 4 pot-hole coax filter S/N #44 is alive and well. Photos and plots wil be posted in a few days.

-5db loss at zero 1013 MHz

-3db bandwidth 3 MHz (nice rounded top).

-60 db bandwidth 20 MHz ( a bit wider then the best).

I feel this exercise is enough proof of concept. So now what?

The good and the bad:

You needs flatter surface finish and all almost zero gaps.

The epoxy does not creep into tiny gaps/holes like solder paste does.

You can lever off the panel SMA (crack the expoxy) with a set of pliers. Adding some normal expoxy around the SMA body would improve drop resistance. But it can be repaired if the wheels fall off.

For the group members who want the fun and thrill of building a copper steam engine(ooops I meant coax) but lack experience with heavy duty solder/brazing gear and burn cream this is the way to go.

My 10 or so coax kits out there in the wild (maybe not yet built) can also be silver epoxied instead as a tamer alternative. I will do a big write up and photos on how to do it.

Lastly: S/N #44 is up for sale U$88 + post. Full warrenty.


Len Spyker

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