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Post by Robert Fish » Mon Jun 11, 2012 4:50 pm

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Re: MSA Panel Group Buy - Update 6

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Hi Matt,
As for customs, you will need some customs forms for the overseas 
shipments. There are two different forms, one for shipment value under 
0 and a different (longer , more complicated one) for values over 
0. I may have the number wrong, maybe its 00. At any rate, your 
packages will only require the smaller less compicated customs form. 
This form requires a shippers  address and a receiver's address, a 
stated value, a description of the package contents and your (shipper's) 
signature. It is pretty straight forward. I just described mine as 
"blank printed circuit boards". Avoid using PCB's in your description 
for obvious reasons. If you are out and about today or tomorrow, and 
near a post office, do your self a favor and drop in and pick up a stack 
of these short customs forms. This way you can fill them out at home and 
not at the counter while you hear mumbling in the line behind you.

Good Luck,

Bob  K6GGO

<blockquote><span title="ireply"> > Hi All,
> I think this is number 6 anyway... It's been a while since the last 
> update, because there hasn't been anything to note. However, I was 
> just checking my email, and noticed one from PCBCart... saying they 
> have shipped the order! It's coming FedEx, and tracking says it should 
> be here tomorrow!
> I'm busy tomorrow and Thursday nights, so I won't be able to do a 
> whole lot with them, but will start putting the packages together as I 
> get a few minutes, with the ultimate goal to ship at least the vast 
> majority on Saturday morning. I need to look a little further into 
> what some of the international shipments will need, mainly in the way 
> of customs forms, but that shouldn't slow me down too much.
> Matt K.


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