Integrated USB-MSA PCB -- schematic updates

This contains the scottyspectrumanalyzer yahoo group backup
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Integrated USB-MSA PCB -- schematic updates

Post by spyker49 » Thu Apr 04, 2013 1:28 pm

New PDF available in the group files with schematic updates as suggested by group members. Thanks to all who freely shared their hard gained knowledge to improve the design.

Note: The Cypress CPU 3.3V is by design derived from the main MSA +5V rail. So all the powering up down sequences are predictiable and safe.

There is a link for powering the CPU from the USB +5V but only as some test case.

Schematic updates:

(1) New 23.5V high voltage VCO supply section as per Sam's design.

(2) More pullups on both sides of the SDA line link . This is seen on the bigger EZ-USB designs. Only used for some special init EEprom case, I used mine 4-5 times while I was learning the art of Cypressloading.

(3) Optional: Extra STAR fan out resistors for those who like their STAR distributed main clk control lines.

(4) Extra filtering on the USB power lines.

(5) Extra filtering on the "Fan supply"

(6) Extra status return lines at Scotties request (future proofing).

Still around $40 for parts only in a group buy.

Need group consensus input on the "best optimum" mechnical PCB dimensions including adquate heatsinking provisions for the regulators.

Regards Len


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