MSA_USB schematic updates

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MSA_USB schematic updates

Post by spyker49 » Tue Apr 09, 2013 11:16 pm

Hello group

There are new and updated schematics in the files area.

My new MSA CB and CYPRESS USB schematics have a few corrections mainly in the status and future expansion.

This PDF also shows a future/proposed NXP ARM module plus interface stuff as a replacement PCB for the Cypress USB board. This is my a pet project. It may well burn and crash. Time will tell.

The NXP is a 40 pin drop in module with limited I/O pins so external shift registers are used to expand out to the MSA command I/O bits.

This schematic could be used as a design template for the RAS-PI module as it faces much the same I/O bit limits.

Regards Len

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