Update on the MSA-USB PCB design.

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Update on the MSA-USB PCB design.

Post by spyker49 » Sat Apr 13, 2013 8:04 am

Hello Group:

I have started on doing the PCB layouts for the new SLIM CB PCB and the matching Cypress USB boards as per the latest schematics. This design is cast in stone. These 2 PCBs will be made.

However I realised my proposed NXP ARM adaptor board interfacing to the MSA SLIM CB was way too messy and confusing sofware wise.

Solution: SPI Bus:

(1) A new matching MSA SLIM CB [SPI ONLY] PCB with just an SPI interface. There are 4 serial to parallel 8 bit shift registers 32 bits long, driving the normal MSA command bus.

The current MSA status bits 4 (max of 8) are returned on the SPI MISO line in the first SPI transfer byte.

(2) A simplied NXP ARM CPU adaptor design has just an master SPI bus interface to item (1). Much clearer and cheaper.

Most embedded FRUIT has an SPI bus so those users can immediately use the new MSA SLIM CB [SPI ONLY] PCB by making up a simple SPI cable and write or copy a litle bit of SPI I/F software.

The use of the SPI bus also drops the need for any prototype board to nearly zero so that will not be made.

All comments welcome. Regards Len

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