4 BOARD PCB panel has arrived

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4 BOARD PCB panel has arrived

Post by spyker49 » Tue May 21, 2013 1:35 am

Hello group

I have just got the 4 board PCB panels (qty 10) and ordered some parts from Digikey so I can test them.

The PCBs are all 4 layer boards with silkscreens

(1) MSA CB board (LPT style)

(2) USB Cypress CPU or Atmel CPU: USB board plugs into board (1)

(3) MSA CB SPI shift reg board with 26 pin RAS-PI SPI GPIO connector.

(4) NXP mBED ARM carrier board USB/ETHERNET and SPI to board (3)

I will create the Digikey uploadable BOMs and a price list for all variants with or without parts or assembled and tested.

More later on after they work.

Regards Len

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