MSA CB BOARD 2 Cypress USB is alive.

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MSA CB BOARD 2 Cypress USB is alive.

Post by spyker49 » Sat Jun 15, 2013 9:37 am

Hello Group

I now have 6 working MSA CB Board 2 Cypress board with the USB talking to the PC interface control software. YIPPEE.

There are a few gotchas when configuring from the CYPRES USB EEPROM from scratch. I know there are lots of words written on this (ugly and dreadful) USB cypress EEPROM loading process, but some of the important steps are still not well highlighted.

Especially when you should remove the USB cable and/or power cycle the Cypress card and when to use the NEW PC USB DEVICE name the Cypress USB device has now has after setting it with a new PC DEVICE NAME.

I hope to write a simple clearer set of instruction from lessons of getting these 6 Cypress boards to work and especially how to recover from a stuff up.

GROUP BUY NOTICE: 73 orders for boards so far. 50% assembled.

Bought 25 Cypress chips (full and not fake) and happy to populate any blank MSA CB BOARD 2 for purchasers as the Cypress 56 pins fine pitch is a bit of a soldering challenge. Charge is $12 for chip itself and for loading it. Let me know on my normal e-mail address for any taker.

Getting ready to start some shipping assembled stuff out by next week end. Also more blank PCB boards have to be made. Regards Len.

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