MSA Boards 1-4 status update

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MSA Boards 1-4 status update

Post by spyker49 » Sun Jun 30, 2013 5:32 am

Hello group

Today Len and helper have finished assembling 30 of the first MK-I PCBs.

97% of the members have confirmed final orders of 79 boards, 50% were assembled. Thanks.

Shipping can finally commence on assembled boards. Shipping of blank boards in 2 weeks when 20 more PCB panels arrive.

New files: Schematics, PCB and BOMs (simple and Digikey upload) have been uploaded in group files in 3 sections "lens MSA BOARD xxx"


10 of Board 1 MSA CB [LPT] or with BOARD 2 USB

10 of Board 2 MSA CB Cypress USB. 1 was loaded with the Atmel variant used in the test rig for testing the other boards.

10 of Board 3 MSA CB for RAS-PI 26 pin GPIO I/F

0 of Board 4 as it had a bad footprint. scrapped

Total expenses including 16 sets of Digikey parts + 30 PCB panels (120 boards)is U$2.8K Total sales so far: U$2.6K. So near break even.

I have allowed for 7 more sets (28 boards) of Blank or loaded boards for further orders. Regards Len

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