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Post by ab6wl » Sat Oct 26, 2013 5:41 pm

Hello Everyone,

After looking at all the available info I can find on Scotty's website and in this group for building an MCF with the PWB, it seems to me that the Hy-Q QMF 10725 & 10713 and the NDK 10F15DH are the MCFs of choice for this application. I also found the Raltron 10M8D & 10H8D at ... ilters.pdf that would be suitable.

Never having built an MCF circuit, I was wondering if anyone has any additional construction tips besides the ones Scotty provides.

In addition, does anyone happen to have one of the above little gems lying around looking for a home in an MSA. I would be glad to buy it from you. Please contact me at earle dot craig @ gmail dot com.

Or, what would be a good source for any of the above MCFs?

Best regards,


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