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Ideas to share

Post by crt_only » Thu Dec 12, 2013 9:52 am

Hi all,
This is my first post on this group. I am looking for a long time at the scotty spectrum analyzer both as an instrument and as a nice way to improve my HF skills. I have few ideas about the scotty design I want to share with you 
The first IF filter is incompatible with my "plumbing skills" and moreover he is too bulky to me.One idea can to replace it with a single Narrow band GPS filter in place of. The GPS filter I find out ( is centered at 1575MHz with a pretty good bandwitdth of 2.4Mhz. As a bonus we can have a 1500 Mhz analyzer in one band. 
A relatively narrow directional coupler ( can be added in front of it with attenuators in between and MMIC at the end.
The first oscillator  can be build around this VCO is phase noise is a bit less good than the original but:-We can avoid the MMIC thanks to is healthy 11dBm output power, at least for the Basic and basic + TG version (the one I intend to build) -We can use a ADF4113 HV pll and so skip the OPA.

A lot to discuss so, please give feedback's !

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