Preventing MSA system zaps

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Preventing MSA system zaps

Post by spyker49 » Fri Jan 31, 2014 1:25 pm

Dear group members: Some will know about solving this issue  others may not know. CAUTION:

Before any testing or running the MSA make 100% sure that every part of the MSA system including
PC, power supplies and test equipment  has an INDEPENDENT good earth wire
linking every OV part to each other and a real power point earth.

DO NOT rely on plugging in
cables to make the earth OV interconnections between the many mains powered
floating parts.

    You may well ask me why?

Mains transients from the nasty
2 pin mains power packs DO come out on the DC SIDE and blow things up as you
plug or unplug the DC side when the power pack is powered up.

Most 2 pin figure 8 mains lead power
packs have RF filters and these are .01 to .001 MFD mains caps from each of the 2 mains wire to the DC out OV !!

Some PC or laptops or their
power packs also have 2 pin power cords and the same RF filters caps !!

Some test equipment have earth
ON-OFF links or switchesI strongly recommend you do connect all OV--Earth points with a good strong common wire. One temporary loss of earth by an unplug and re-plug of any MSA section might ruin your day and another 3 nights of hair tearing. Regards Len Spyker          

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