USB on new (to me) laptop

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USB on new (to me) laptop

Post by Steve » Tue Apr 08, 2014 11:24 pm

Hi all,

I'm trying to get a new (to me) laptop to work with the MSA via USB.
No luck so far, thought I'd seek advice here.
  1. The MSA works with an older laptop in both parallel port mode
    and USB mode.
  2. The MSA works with the new laptop in parallel port mode but
    not in USB mode.
  3. For USB, the MSA has a Spyker USB control board.
  4. I am able to install the USB software on the new laptop, it
    shows up in Windows 7 Device Manager in the Universal Serial Bus
    Controllers section as "G8KBB MSA USB via SLIM-CB i/f V0.03" --
    same as in the older laptop.
  5. When I run the MSA software in USB mode on the new laptop, the
    screen display looks normal, there just is not any data
  6. The older laptop is running MSA software V117 REB 0, the new
    laptop is running the current version from the web page, 117 REV
    B. The new laptop is also running a newer version of the USB
Any ideas out there?


Steve, K8JQ

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