Sam Wetterlin's reflection bridge for VNA use

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Bruce Beford
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Sam Wetterlin's reflection bridge for VNA use

Post by Bruce Beford » Wed Jun 04, 2014 1:25 am

Good evening, all.


I have a miniboard order from ExpressPCB on it's way for Sam
Wetterlin's Reflection bridge design. I should have them later this week. It's
the "Bridge with Balun plus Beads", shown about half way down his
page here:


I will have (2) extra boards from this 3-unit miniboard. I
would prefer to sell these two within the
US , to keep shipping reasonable.
The board cost was 20.90 each, shipped to me. I can ship the spare boards within
the US
for a total of $24.00 each board, PayPal OK.


Please contact me off-list, if interested, at beford (at)
myfairpoint dot net



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