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2GHz and 3GHz Bands

Posted: Wed Apr 15, 2015 2:59 pm
by jghbeta
Hi Jurgen,These two bands not only require switching off and on the cavity filter but also require flipping around the input and output of Mixer 1. My pcb version of the the band switch (which also includes the IFA) does not include this flipping. Flipping requires 4 switches in a layout similar to the forward reverse switch. These switches could be built with Peregrine PE4251ML switches (Digikey 1046-10-18-1-ND) but, according to Scotty, would be limited to 10 MHz and higher frequencies.I will be using HP8765A  (1-4GHz) switches so that frequency limitation does not apply to my arrangement.I have one board available, obviously without the flipping switches, but I could easily modify the layout to include the needed "flippers". In that case I would use top mounted SMAs instead of edge type and I should be able to fit everything in the large type SLIM.