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MSA coax filters for sale

Posted: Fri Jan 15, 2016 12:30 am
by Len Spyker
Warning: Advertising content  For new group members:For the MSA project I have made and sold 61 MSA Coax cavity filters both the original 4 cavity and the short height 2 cavity  used for SAW filter enhancement.Fully built  and tested U$90 or as a kit U$45 plus postage. For the very brave custom frequencies are available.  I have also designed and make a nice MSA CB PCB (including +23V VCO supply) and Cypress USB PCB as a no cables combo set. Sold 25 of these sets.These boards are available either Fully populated and tested U$ 110 or as Blank PCBs U$25  plus postage (sorry no kit of parts). See BOARD1 and BOARD2 in my MSA group files. Digikey up-loadable BOMs are available.  To help reduce “me too” group traffic please do contact me directly at redmond2 [at] iinet [dot] net [dot] auAll the best with your projects. Len Spyker