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Bernard Mc Garry
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SMA builders group

Post by Bernard Mc Garry » Wed Mar 09, 2016 11:18 pm

Firstly I must thank Len Spyker for his patience on advising me about the current SMA Group.

Dear  Group, I have
been following the MSA group from 2006 (on and off), but never have got around to
actually getting a modern kit up and working . I don’t have any SMD soldering
facilities, but I can connect completed sub assemblies (with the SMD components already
soldered in place). So rather than buy a commercial unit I would prefer to get’
involved’ in this latest SMA project by some of the following options:

(1 )  Is anyone
willing to sell me a recent SMA assembled and tested, that they no longer
require ?

(2)  Is anyone willing
to sell me a recent SMA which is nearly working complete unit, as I could
complete the connection of the tested sub-assemblies or whatever ?

(3)  Would there be a
keen builder who is willing to build all the modules for a fee and cost of
parts etc ?

(4) Would the group’s current builders be interested in
making an extra module for me, so as to 
spread the ‘load’. Of course the builders would be paid for the labour
and parts etc.

I am Bernard McGarry, call sign GI4HDJ for about 38 yrs now, also retired,
so be patient as I regularly get confused, but It is very important for my
health to keep an active interest in hobbies, after many years of not being able
to get a ‘Shack’ set up, I now have at last started to do that! One of the
reasons I like the SMA is that it’s a ‘Group’ effort so we can always help each
other out and learn at the same time.

BTW does the current or proposed model have the frequency up
to around 2Ghz, and a tracking generator , maybe …

73’s Bernard.buz90a@...


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