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Bernard Mc Garry
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Build Request

Post by Bernard Mc Garry » Sun Mar 20, 2016 9:06 pm

Hi everyone,

Would there possibly be someone in the Group who would be willing to build a
second set of SMT modules as they build their own, for me.  
I understand that the current spectrum analyzer is Scotty's Slim SMA
Modules with whatever controller that the Group decide on. My reason is
basically that I have never soldered using Surface Mount Components. I
understand that there is a fair amount of builders in the UK. If you are
interested, could you please send me a request for more precise
details of exactly what I require, ie Modules plus extras-tracking generator etc,
so that you can then send me a Quotation for labour and parts please.
 I will understand it if no one can undertake this time consuming task!

BernardMcGarry GI4HDJ                                   

































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