ADC DR used

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ADC DR used

Post by bojan.naglic » Sun Nov 06, 2016 10:56 am

Hi group,

I have decided for a setup of myMSA with a 27dB pre-RBW amplifier and a VGA loop before the ADC.  This is meant to extend the linear range.

I am getting this ADC values after the path calibration:
path 1 (140kHz): from 22995 to 9434
path 3 (4.4kHz): from 24356 to 8335
path 4 (480Hz): from 24983 to 8280

I would like to extend this range to better use the ADC DR.  From the Scotty's document about the path calibration a typical ADC values are stated to be from 31400 to 4850, using a 40dB IF2 amplifier and no VGA loop.

I wonder now if anybody with the VGA loop installed can share the ADC values?

73 Bojan S53DZ

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