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  1. [url=file:///C:\Users\jose\AppData\Local\PG Offline 4\Attachments\spectrumanalyzer\msa-cavity-test3.png t=_self]msa-cavity-test3.png[/url]
  1. [url=file:///C:\Users\jose\AppData\Local\PG Offline 4\Attachments\spectrumanalyzer\DSC_0988.jpg t=_self]DSC_0988.jpg[/url]
[/list]Hi Scotty, Len, Stew,

I'd like to say thank you for this very exciting project as I have

completed important test which is coaxial filter test and now can

continue without hassle.

I was thinking that I will post an information regarding my milestone I

passed. Needless to say that I redesigned all pcbs and introduced

various changes to many boards.

I attached a screenshot from msa software running under wine (Linux).

On the screenshot there is filter's response plot with lt5534 detector.

I have not calibrated msa software for the detector however I measured

also response using scope and it looks like everything matches each


lt5534's top voltage of abt 2V stands for abt -10dBm, mine detector has

14dB attenuator built-in, so power from filter should be abt 4dBm,

filter may have abt 4dB insertion losses so input power (PLO output)

should be abt 8dBm (2.5dB attenuator on PLO board) and this is what I

estimated when I connected power detector to PLO output directly.

Len, thanks for great filter ! You've made it very well, it survived

long journey and my "processing" - had to drill M3 holes in bottom and

top plates.

I think that filter's magnitude response looks good. 

Stew, thanks for helping me getting these hard to buy parts from

Minicircuits (and mems osc.). Without them .. I would get stuck.

Best Regards,



Krzysztof Blaszkowski

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