116 Beta

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116 Beta

Post by Sam » Fri Feb 11, 2011 2:21 pm

I have posted an updated beta version of the version 116 software:

This has a few bug fixes that have been mentioned. I also included .tkn and .exe files, and an S-Parameter file for a ceramic filter, which can be used for playing with the Two-Port module. Remember that you don't need hardware attached to run the software, so you can try filter matching with the Two-Port module even if your MSA is not finished.

Originally, the Two-Port module would allow certain actions, like filter matching, only if it had a full set of four S-parameters. Now, however, if you have a file with just S11 values, you can load it (after clearing any existing parameters) and a two-port device will be created from it. Your S11 will represent the input; the output is considered to be a shunt 50-ohm resistor, and the input and output are deemed connected by a huge resistor. In essence, this completely isolates the input and output, so nothing that happens at the output affects the input response, which makes it act pretty much as though the output were not there. That will let you see what the "matched" input S11 looks like if you add various matching components to the input.

If you use the .tkn and .exe files, you need to place them in your existing software folder so they have access to the various DLLs that are in that folder. If you have Liberty Basic, you should just run the .bas file. Doing so will require some initial compile time, but once the compile is done the program will run faster than using the .exe. And if you encounter an error, you will usually get more meaningful info about the error if you are actually running under LB.

If you are switching from version 115, you may have to toss your config.txt file before running, though I think I have fixed that problem. In any event, you should run the Configuration Manager to configure automatic switching, and values of your video capacitors.

Sam W.

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