DDS kits

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DDS kits

Post by Art » Thu Feb 07, 2008 7:31 pm

Greetings all,

I think several members of this list ordered AD995x DDS kits. I'm

concerned because it looks like none of them have joined the Group

Buy list, which is where kit owners can discuss their kit assembly

and it's the outlet I use to make notifications regarding the ongoing

Group Buys as well.

For anyone who has bought a DDS kit, please join the Group Buy

mailing list here:

Also, all Group Buy #3 kits have been shipped, if you ordered a DDS

kit, you can start watching your mailbox.

Anyone who will be building their DDS from a Group Buy Kit needs to

download the Groups Assembly Manual and my own Group Buy Manual. The

Group Buy Manual contains information specific to the Group Buy Kit

only. You will need both documents to build your Group Buy kit.

And, finally, Group Buy #4 has started. In Group Buy #4, all kits are

in stock and available for immediate shipment. So, the days of

waiting 4 weeks for your kit to arrive are gone, hopefully forever.

Email me off list if you have questions or concerns.



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