ADE-11X data

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Sam Wetterlin
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ADE-11X data

Post by Sam Wetterlin » Fri Mar 14, 2008 3:12 pm

The SA uses an ADE-11X as the initial upconversion mixer.I had some

discussions with Mini-Circuits about the ADE-11X performance, and they

were kind enough to measure S11 and conversion loss at our frequencies

of interest and at several power levels. I have uploaded a zip file

( with two graphics: A graph of conversion loss

prepared by Mini-Circuits, and a Smith Chart of RF S11 prepared with

PortView from data provided by Mini-Circuits. Both have RF=-10dbm and

LO=+7 dbm. There is nothing earth-shaking here, but some may find the

data of interest.

Sam W.

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