group purchase of PCB's

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Geoff Moore
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group purchase of PCB's

Post by Geoff Moore » Mon May 26, 2008 12:38 pm

I am thinking of doing a group buy of PCB's from ExpressPCB aimed

mainly at UK and European builders. It will be for the ExpressPCB

standard service. That is no silkscreen or solder resist and all 16

boards in a single panel.

The cost of 2 panels( the minimum order)is 38.83GBP per panel. If we

can get an order for 10 panels, the cost drops to 19.49GBP per panel. I

would have to add the postage etc on to this amount.

If you are interested, please e-mail me direct. I will post a message

on the group before I purchase any boards.


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