HP 33321-xyz attenuators

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Sam Wetterlin
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HP 33321-xyz attenuators

Post by Sam Wetterlin » Fri Jun 27, 2008 4:18 pm

I think I have tracked down the info on the HP33321-xyz series of

attenuators. They are OEM versions (i.e. versions incorporated into

HP/Agilent equipment) of free-standing attenuators sold with model

numbers in the 8495 series. In particular, the HP 33321-60045 appears

to be a version of the 8495G, for which info is available at

The 8495G is a current model and sells for $1,080 brand new.

The accuracy for the full dc-4GHz range varies from 0.2db at 10 db

attenuation to 1.2 db at 70 db attenuation. There is no breakdown to

show the performance at

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