My Update

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My Update

Post by Scotty » Mon Jun 30, 2008 2:50 am

Hi All,

As I stated earlier, I finished the software and wanted to complete

the "Operations" Web page before release so that they complemented

each other. Well, gee willikers, re-writing the operations page

caused be to find a couple of bugs in the software. No big deal but it

has made for a slight delay in the release. I'm really glad I found

them now. The "fixes" actually enhanced the software performance.

And yes, Sam has pictures of his enclosure. Should work out nicely.

Jim just kindly informed me of a parts list error in the A to D

modules. The 3 position switch called out has the wrong Digikey part

number. Either of the following switches will work:

panel mount with solderable posts: 100SP3T1B1M2QEH, EG2377-ND or

panel mount with solder eyelets: 100SP3T1B1M1REH, EG2376-ND

I will update: PLSLIM-ADC-16 and PLSLIM-ADC-12

Of course, your junk box is the cheapest way to go!!

Cheers, Scotty

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