Almost there - Getting Closer

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S. Cash Olsen
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Almost there - Getting Closer

Post by S. Cash Olsen » Wed Aug 20, 2008 8:26 pm

SSA developers,

You just can't imagine how much detail goes into a PCB until you've done

some. Scotty has months (actually years) of blood, sweat and tears invested

in updating this project with the SLIM boards. After Scotty did all of the

work, it seems that a reversing engineering the SLIM boards and making a PCB

ought to be a snap but there is almost a much work as if the boards were

being done for the first time. There is easily 3 - 5 (maybe more) man-hours

in each board and then that much again in panelizing the boards.

I have uploaded the files that are about ready to release to manufacture of

the PCB. These boards have six files: two copper, two silk screen, and two

solder mask layers. In addition there are drawings for drilling the boards.

For those of you who wish to review these files and send be your comments I

have uploaded the files. ... es/KD5SSJ/

I would like to have your input and comments.

If your need a Gerber Viewer I suggest ViewMate Version 10


Cash Olsen

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