Translucent PCB?

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Jared Harvey
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Translucent PCB?

Post by Jared Harvey » Wed Oct 01, 2008 10:10 am

Hello spectrumanalyzer,

Perhaps a bit off topic, but I thought someone

here might be able to help chime me in on a

solution to my little problem. I'm looking for a

vendor that will fabricate with translucent PCB

material. Does anyone know a vendor that might do

this for me in a prototype run?

I've found a couple of vendors that supply a

translucent copper clad FR4, but haven't found a

supplier that will etch, via, solder mask ect.

Here are the vendors I've found so far. ... nates.html

The project I'm working on is a hobby project, so

production qty's are less likely. However we are

leaving the door open for folk like Cash to kit

and produce, so production runs are possible. I'm

hoping to find a vendor that is willing to work

with those constraints.

Best regards.

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