billet aluminum project boxes for sale

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billet aluminum project boxes for sale

Post by Art » Tue Oct 14, 2008 5:14 pm

Hi All,

Hope this is not to far off topic.

I bought a bunch of small aluminum boxes, which have feedthrough caps

and teflon wiring harnesses already attached. I know they are to

small for the SSA, but a user here suggested I should announce this

here as they might be good for an interdigital filter cavity filter

enclosure which has been discussed on the list.

They are 4 by 6 by 1 inch (outside dimensions) and weigh 13 ounces

each. $13 each, plus shipping. I have no problem making them

available to International users, but shipping cost makes them very

expensive and not very practical to ship outside the US.

Email me off-list if you want pictures and other information.



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