Tracking Generator Mode

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Tracking Generator Mode

Post by Scotty » Sat Nov 01, 2008 3:13 pm

Hi All,

Sam just asked me a question, and it is relevant to all the builders

who plan to extend the MSA into the TG or VNA.

Q: Is there a "through" calibration in effect when using the TG just

as a TG (i.e. not in VNA mode)?

A: Right now, no. I have left the Tracking Generator Mode on the back

burner for a while. For now, the user who has the TG, but no VNA can

"cheat" and tell the software he has the VNA. Then, in the VNA Mode,

the Phase trace can be turned off.

I promise, there will be a third Working Window for Tracking

Generator Mode. It will be a carbon copy of VNA with Phase removed.

That is why I have neglected it. When I become happy with VNA, I will

do a "cut and paste" for TG Mode.


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