What a great project!

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Sam Wetterlin
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What a great project!

Post by Sam Wetterlin » Sat Dec 06, 2008 12:06 am

For months I have been focused on getting the MSA hardware built.

Occasionally I got diverted by the real world, which slowed things

down. Meanwhile, I knew Scotty was working on the software, but I

didn't really care that much because I couldn't use it yet anyway.

Now my MSA is pretty much operational, even though it needs some

tweaking (such as replacing the Duct Tape that holds the cavity filter

in place). So I have been playing with the software. I was impatient

to do something, so I did some scans and ran some tests. Some worked

well, some did not because I didn't really understand what the

software could do. But in my view you have to play around a bit before

you read the manual. You can't really learn how to build a house until

you understand what the problems are in building a house.

So now I have been reading the Operation Manual. I have to say that

Scotty has thought this through remarkably well. The software features

are excellent, not only for normal operation, but for the Special Tests.

I have a lot of exploration yet to do, but I'm excited about this.

Both hardware and software are superb.

Thanks, Scotty.

Sam W.

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