Cutting out the boards

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Clive Jenner
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Cutting out the boards

Post by Clive Jenner » Wed Dec 10, 2008 9:19 am

Hi if anyone is still wondering how to cut up the boards for the

Spectrum Analyser. As I had purchased a set from both Geoff More and

Cash Olson I faced a fair bit of hacksawing and filing, I needed a

better way.

After a bit of research. I treated myself for Xmas to a Proxxon KS230

bench saw It is just a bit bigger than a book and meant for model making

work I also ordered the saw with the Proxxon 28011 Carbide saw blade

which is suitable for cutting PCB material. It has taken me just over an

hour to cut and clean up the two sets of boards. The fiddly bit was

adjusting the guide for the correct widths.

Now the interesting work commences!

73 and a happy Xmas Clive GW0PPO

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