Re: USB port support for the Scottylyzer

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Harold E. Johnson
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Re: USB port support for the Scottylyzer

Post by Harold E. Johnson » Fri Jan 30, 2009 1:59 am

As a side note, I'm actually in the process of migrating from Windows

to Linux. Quite painful w/t so many years used to Windows, but also

lots of motivation due to extensive worn out by Windows frustration.

So don't expect I will be very supportative of any Windows only

solution in the near future.


Whatever floats your boat Pierre. IF Dave manages to make a USB

adapter for the Scottylyzer, you certainly do not have to use it. If

you would like the job, and do it with adding whatever is important to

you, I'd be happy to look at it, but I wouldn't offer any guarantees

that I'd use it either. (And if it operates only under Linux, I

definitely will guarantee that I wouldn't touch it with a 10 meter

pole. I haven't got that many years left on this planet for the

learning curve). I personally like DOS. Had to be pulled kicking and

screaming to look at what Dave has done. What he has done for the VNA,

and other Ham radio projects is pretty marvelous .

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